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We’re Certified!

Our partnerships make us uniquely qualified to support your workplace needs. No other North Bay Area office furniture dealer can match our knowledge, certifications, and expertise.

Trope Group joined the Herman Miller Certified Network in 2004.

What does it mean to be certified?

  • It means we are your single point of contact for products and services, locally and nationwide.
  • It means we are connected to a network of high performing Herman Miller dealers around the world.
  • It means we consistently meet or exceed Herman Miller’s high standards of performance.
  • It means we are dedicated to continuous process improvement.
  • It means consistent quality and performance at all your locations, nationwide.

Our dealership and all our employees are evaluated annually on performance criteria. We must show continuous improvement in all areas to maintain certification status.

Some of the Certified Dealer Network’s capabilities reside in common and shared technological tools. The ServiceNet® program, for example, utilizes a web-based tool for coordinating the activity and ensuring consistency of service work across markets. The result for our customers is one source, one contract, one point of contact, and one invoice so your transactions with us are seamless. Herman Miller’s web-based Asset and Inventory Management (AIM) Program lets the Certified Dealer Network manage customers’ assets locally or at multiple locations throughout the network.

We rely on customer feedback! All certified dealers, including Trope Group, are required to use Herman Miller’s Customer Satisfaction Survey with the customer at the completion of all projects. We also complete a member-to-member survey to rate the performance of all participants in the project. If follow-up is needed, we respond immediately.

For more information on how Herman Miller’s Certified Dealer Network members work together —contributing knowledge, creativity, and design experience—to make places for our customers to achieve and sustain their business goals. Please visit the Herman Miller Certified Network website at

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