Jan 17

The twentieth century design duo of Charles and Ray Eames approached their craft through play and experimentation that was known to them as work. Their process of problem solving was inquisitive and often fun, resulting in projects that strayed from their original design goal to toys, films, and even museum exhibitions. In this exhibit, we take a look at three generations of Eames artist-designers and how play is work.

Trope Group is proud to sponsor this exhibition at the Petaluma Arts Center located across the river from historic downtown Petaluma, CA. This is a rare opportunity to experience the work of this extraordinary family in an intimate and interactive way. Visit and get inspired to make work more fun and take your play more seriously. We’ll see you there!

When: January 17 – March 8, 2015
Where: Petaluma Arts Center
More Info: PetalumaArtsCenter.org

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