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Move Management

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to everyday internal moves of people and furniture. Trope Group can help you manage churn efficiently, no matter where it happens. We know change management is more than just moving people, furniture, and equipment—it’s a complex sequence of events that we handle with a clearly delineated process. Move management and office movers coordination from Trope Group in Santa Rosa can help keep you focused on your important business activities instead of where to put the furniture.

Our move management & office movers services near Santa Rosa can include:

  • Taking inventory and evaluating existing product for re-use or disposal.
  • Providing furniture floor plans showing the destination of product to be reused so proper space is allocated for these items and movers know where to place them.
  • Facilitating move meetings with team captains / employees.
  • Coordinating various move issues with other trades as needed.
  • Establishing and communicate move schedules.
  • Conducting walk-throughs with potential moving vendors and assist client in defining move scope for evaluation.
  • Creating and documenting workstation and office numbering systems for labeling.
  • Training employees or team captains how to package and label their contents before the move.