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Warranty, Repair & Maintenance

We provide ongoing repair and maintenance services to ensure your furniture’s performance and safety. We have professional technicians repair and maintain manufacturers’ products under warranty terms.


Should your products have warranty issues, our skilled, certified technicians will promptly inspect and repair your furniture on site or provide a replacement if necessary.


We’re available to repair broken or malfunctioning chair mechanisms, file cabinets, touch-up painted surfaces, repair scratches, or refinish wood furniture.

Continuous care

Scheduled maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, repair, and lubrication as required.

Panel cleaning

Give your workstations and facility a re-fresh with this convenient and effective service. We can clean your panels at your site, sometimes without disassembly. If you are moving or reconfiguring your workstations, this might be a great time to have the panels cleaned.


To maintain the long-term value of your investment, we’ll refurbish your products to like-new condition and match them to new furnishings or new decor.


Panels or seating can be re-upholstered to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to update product that still has life left. Repair damaged panels or seating, change your color scheme or match existing inventory to new purchases.