Jun 26

While planning our new office, site lines were kept low to foster collaboration and bring daylight to all employees. Most employees were transitioned from traditional static height desks to adjustable height, sit-to-stand work surfaces to encourage positions changes throughout the day.

One of our goals in creating a large flexible room in the office was to support activities like yoga. Mats, blocks and straps were purchased and are stored on-site for impromptu stretching and coordinated gatherings. The group meets up to three times a week and streams 15-30 minute yoga classes from Gaia. Staff feel rejuvenated even after a short session and the practice has helped some folks with chronic back pain.

Employees have always been encouraged to take walks and do walking meetings. Many take regular daily power walks and are always pleasantly surprised how the brief get away improves their productivity.

We recently elected Account executive, Jennifer Sutter as our Wellness Coordinator for the next 6 months and she is already working on providing healthy snacks for staff in addition to coordinating the large room yoga sessions.

How are you integrating wellness in your workplace? Share with us what you’re doing to create a healthy workplace.

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