Our Team

The Greatest Value Is An Extraordinary Partner

We believe in the talent of our team. Every member of our organization is encouraged to take responsibility for the success of each project and “do whatever it takes” to achieve our customers’ goals.

  • Christina Pratt

    Christina Pratt President | Account Executive

  • Charlie Nicholls

    Charlie Nicholls Principal | Account Executive

  • Jennifer Sutter

    Jennifer Sutter Account Executive

  • Katie Hewatt

    Katie Hewatt Finance Director

  • Renee Mullan

    Renee Mullan Project Coordinator

  • LeAnn Mlot

    LeAnn Mlot Project Coordinator

  • Lucy Gustafson

    Lucy Gustafson Project Coordinator

Design Team

  • Bianca Kolonusz-Partee

    Bianca Kolonusz-Partee Design Manager

  • Mavis Allan

    Mavis Allan Senior Designer

  • Sharon Koehler

    Sharon Koehler Senior Designer

Operations Team

  • Cameron Ramos

    Cameron Ramos Operations Manager

  • Deanna Heintz

    Deanna Heintz Operations Coordinator

  • Phillip Muelrath

    Phillip Muelrath Warehouse Coordinator

  • Khaleesi

    Khaleesi Head of Corporate Security

  • Craig McMains

    Craig McMains Lead Installer

  • Robert Makowski

    Robert Makowski Installer

  • Luis Herrera Garcia

    Luis Herrera Garcia Installer

  • Matthew Reitman

    Matthew Reitman Installer