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MillerKnoll Certified Dealer Network

As a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer since 2004, Trope Group is proud to announce that we achieved Platinum Level Dealer status for 2024.

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We are a proud member of MillerKnoll's Certified Dealer Network, a distinguished group of dealers operating out of more than 240 locations across North America. This extensive network empowers us to handle projects of all sizes, seamlessly covering multiple locations.

Platinum Level MillerKnoll Certified Dealer

Achieving the highest tier of Dealer Excellence at MillerKnoll is a testament to our incredible team, our culture of continuous improvement, and our mission to ignite smarter ways to work. Thank you to our customers, partners, and fellow dealers for making this possible. No matter how complex or expansive your project may be, we provide a single resource—one point of contact, one contract, one invoice—for a fully coordinated and seamless process.

Certified Dealer Network

With our partners across North America, we’re committed to consistent, high-quality, expert service to help you create the spaces you need to achieve and sustain your business goals. The network's reach, comprising nearly 50 dealers operating out of over 240 locations, enables Trope Group to manage projects of any size, even those spanning multiple locations. This means you can rely on a single resource for a seamless process: one point of contact, one contract, one invoice.

All Herman Miller Certified Dealers must meet rigorous requirements to earn and maintain network affiliation, ensuring consistent performance across all locations. Our shared technological capabilities, such as the web-based ServiceNet program, help coordinate dealer activities across markets. Additionally, the Certified Dealer Network’s common Customer Satisfaction Survey provides valuable feedback, enhancing the level of service we deliver.

What Does It Mean to Be Certified?

Being a certified dealer means:

  • We are your single point of contact for products and services, locally and nationwide.
  • We are connected to a network of high-performing Herman Miller dealers around the world.
  • We consistently meet or exceed Herman Miller’s high standards of performance.
  • We are dedicated to continuous process improvement.
  • We ensure consistent quality and performance at all your locations nationwide.
  • Our dealership and employees are evaluated annually on performance criteria, requiring continuous improvement to maintain certification status.

We leverage technological tools like the ServiceNet® program to coordinate activities and ensure service consistency across markets. Herman Miller’s web-based Asset and Inventory Management (AIM) Program allows us to manage customer assets locally or at multiple locations throughout the network.

Customer feedback is crucial. All certified dealers, including Trope Group, use MillerKnoll’s Customer Satisfaction Survey at the completion of all projects. We also conduct member-to-member surveys to evaluate program participants’ performance, responding immediately if follow-up is needed.

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