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Uniquely qualified to address the special concerns of government agencies.

For more than 30 years, Trope Group has focused on the special concerns of government facilities throughout the North Bay.

When it comes to government projects, Trope Group and Herman Miller have been insightful partners of federal, state and local agencies. Back in 1975, Herman Miller became the first office furniture manufacturer awarded a GSA schedule. Since then, the company has been a leading Schedule 71 supplier year after year—consistency that has earned Herman Miller one of the largest installed bases within the federal government.

We leverage this experience to create innovative solutions that address the evolving and emerging needs of the Government sector, solving for today and preparing for tomorrow. Your resources are precious, so we help you spend them wisely on solutions that deliver value for years to come.

We offer government organizations solutions designed to enhance connection, creativity, and productivity in the workplace. These solutions include research-based insights about workplace design, and well-designed, top quality, customized products, worry-free installation and service with an industry-leading warranty.

Tropegroup SAM

Government Readiness

As one of the largest buyers globally, the U.S. Government continually seeks a diverse range of products and services. At Trope Group, we recognize the immense opportunities presented by the Government Marketplace, a sector worth billions of dollars.

To ensure our readiness for these opportunities, we are properly registered in SAM.gov, the System for Award Management. This registration not only signifies our eligibility to engage in business with the government but also facilitates the payment process upon securing a contract. Our inclusion in SAM.gov, a comprehensive directory of approved vendors, underscores our commitment to meeting the high standards and diverse needs of government projects.