Furnishing Philanthropy

A furniture donation program for local non-profits.

Furnishing philanthropy 1

At Trope Group, we believe in giving back to our community and doing our part to help the planet.

As we go about the business of furnishing great spaces for our clients in the North bay, we accumulate excess office furniture in our warehouse. As new products are introduced, we remove samples of discontinued products from our showroom. Sometimes orders arrive with a small dent or scratch. Or they are shipped in the wrong color or size. Other times our clients ask us to dispose of their old furniture when they remodel or update their space.

Rather than send this unwanted furniture to the landfill, we have been working to find homes for these items. Over the past decade, we have made numerous donations. The recipients have been very thankful, and we’ve felt great about helping the local non-profit community.

Now we have an official donation program called “Furnishing Philanthropy.” Each quarter, we'll be sending out an email to our extensive list of local non-profits. Any organization on the list will be able to browse our web catalog to easily choose exactly what furniture they need!

And then we'll go the extra mile; literally. We’ll deliver it, set it up, and take away their old stuff—all at no charge.

If you work for a non-profit that might benefit from this program, please sign up below to be added our distribution list.

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